welcome to my digital metropolis 💌

Hi, I'm Christina.

I'm a senior at Columbia University studying Computer Science and Visual Arts. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and exploring new horizons in NYC, I find myself continuously fascinated by the diverse microcosms contained within each city, as well as how these communities shape my experiences. Whether it's creating delightful interactions or empathizing with users, I love tackling design with the mindset of an architect. That being said, where others build with brick and mortar, my constructions come to life through pixels, screens, and any other delightful form of technology I encounter.

When not designing, you can find me watching Princess Mononoke for the 15th time (once per year!), gallery-hopping, completing the NYT daily mini crossword, and being nostalgic.


Before the Coffee Gets Cold (Toshikazu Kawaguchi)


Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2


React.js, Oil Painting, Prototyping in Principle


Too much minesweeper

UX-Adjacent lives:

I've worn a lot of design-adjacent hats, but some of my most recent ventures include serving as a TA (currently my second semester) for Columbia's User Interface Design course, prototyping social dining experiences as Beli's first product design intern, exploring HCI research, and dabbling in silkscreen and intaglio printmaking.

Don't be a stranger!

Have a question about design? Want to talk about painting funky things in VR? Got a project you want to work on? Interested in knowing which Italian restaurant gave me the hardest time while trying to get a reservation? Shoot me an email at christina.su@columbia.edu — I would love to chat!