Welcome to my stomping grounds ☞

When not buried in Figma's prototyping interface, here are some of my other creative constructs, ranging from VR/AR projects to personalized sneaker paintings.

VR Art (Tilt Brush)

Blending painting and spatial creativity in the most surreal sense.

VR/AR and Mobile Projects

Exploring design in mixed reality!

Space Trash Clean-Up

iOS mobile game developed in Unity and C#.

Space Gazer

FPS alien-invasion VR game. Built using Varjo headset and its eye-tracking functionality; player uses gaze-locking to aim at alien targets.

VR Mini Golf

Developed in Unity for the Meta Quest 2. Import custom golf courses built in a mobile AR app to become a playable mini golf level in VR!

AR Mini Golf Course Builder

Developed for iOS mobile in Unity and C#. Place AR objects in real-world surroundings, powered by ARKit.

Custom Sneaker Paintings

Because some of the most unique gifts deserve an expensive canvas.

Fine Art/Illustration

Where my storytelling desires began.


On self-immersion and cultural identity. Gouache, paper, and ink.

Iceberg of Consciousness

Bristol paper and markers.


A very, very big charcoal piece on paper.

Film Photography

Or rather... I have a point-and-shoot that I use to take pictures of things I am extra fond of :)