Beli Technologies

Track — Share — Discover: The best way to keep track of your favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes you've been to and want to try.


Summer 2023 (3 months)


Judy & Eliot (co-founders)
Emily, Caroline, Mina (engineers)


Product Design Intern — worked on end-to-end feature development, audits, design systems, UX, strategy, visual design, and even some illustrations.

Internship Overview

Beli is a mobile app that allows you to track, share, and discover the world's best restaurants. Using a comparative ranking system and social features, Beli takes restaurant list-keeping and discovery out of outdated critic hands and makes the process much more personal.

During Summer 2023, I worked at Beli as the first ever product design intern, delivering 14+ features,  a design audit, a design system, and talks for the entire team on how to incorporate Figma's newest features into future workflows.

While I am unable to share many of the exciting projects that I worked on as they have yet to be released, this page will contain some of the features that have already shipped!

Featured Work

Individual project details coming soon!

Creating a scalable design system for feature growth

City-based playlists for more variety in list viewing, documentation, and sharing

Demystifying and gamifying the reservation sharing feature

Other Projects