Beli Technologies

Track — Share — Discover: The best way to keep track of your favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes you've been to and want to try.


Summer 2023 (3 months)


Judy & Eliot (co-founders)
Emily, Caroline, Mina (engineers)


Product Design Intern — worked on end-to-end feature development, audits, design systems, UX, strategy, visual design, and even some illustrations.

Internship Overview

Beli is a mobile app that allows you to track, share, and discover the world's best restaurants. Using a comparative ranking system and social features, Beli takes restaurant list-keeping and discovery out of outdated critic hands and makes the process much more personal.

During Summer 2023, I worked at Beli as the first ever product design intern, delivering 14+ features,  a design audit, a design system, and talks for the entire team on how to incorporate Figma's newest features into future workflows.

This case study covers two projects I worked on (that have shipped) this summer: city-based playlist view and a re-design of the reservation sharing feature. Due to restrictions, I am unable to share the full data and research process publicly.

Featured Work

Individual project snapshots in progress below!

Creating a scalable design system for feature growth

City-based playlists for more variety in list viewing, documentation, and sharing

Demystifying and gamifying the reservation sharing feature

Project 1: Highlights

Beli's reservation sharing feature takes you one step closer to securing that Saturday night reservation at the most popular restaurants in town.

One of my major projects throughout the summer was to redesign the reservation sharing feature with the goal of increasing feature visibility and usage. Through this feature, Beli members are able to trade reservations with each other through a sharing and claiming system.

What remained in between the user and their coveted table:

Low discoverability

Of all newly onboarded users from a 2-week time frame, an average of <9% of users opened the feature and clicked through the feature's onboarding screens.

Confusing mechanics

The feature's preexisting 'priority system' lacked a proper visual representation. Without a clear explanation, users did not feel much excitement or know about how sharing reservations would then help them access other tables faster.

Increasing visibility through gamification and design systems.

While redesigning the reservation sharing feature, I added a progress bar system with an entry point on the home page that encourages users to interact with the feature in order to get access to coveted reservations before others.

As well, I designed visual pop-ups that were consistent with a design system that was under way for the rest of the app.

My final design resulted in an increase of 200%+ of the feature's daily usage. There was also a statistically significant increase in unique users whose reservation priority increased, bringing more people to the feature.